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Discovery and Learning

There is a need to empower, develop, and unleash our students’ potential for success in an increasingly globalised society and in a rapidly changing world.

21st Century Skills is a term frequently used to define what students should know and be able to do in order to create value, become employable and marketable. Another term used is HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills).

Based on extensive studies, Emerging Leaders was designed and incorporates S.E.L.L programme that trains and enhances the students’ skills and ability to excel in school, community, future career and life.

These skills must be intentionally and effectively facilitated by proficiently trained educators, working alongside student leaders who themselves have been trained.
The Emerging Leaders curriculum is based on a course progression and awards structure. Each course comes with:

  • E-Lessons;

  • Instructional and/or tutorial videos;

  • Online assessment; and

  • Electronic and/or physical course award badge.

Each course will be for a duration of between one to two months, depending on the contents. Centres, facilitators and students who have signed up for this program will be able to view all the uploaded resources using their devices anytime and anywhere by accessing the Eduseeds Learning Management System (ELMS).

The ELMS is a social learning platform for teachers, students and parents, which can be incorporated into the classroom through applications. This platform allows students to upload assignments to be assessed and graded. Parents can also view their child’s progress.

Emerging Leaders: Academics
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