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Making a Difference

At Oakrich International School, we aim to challenge and enable students to reach their individual potential by upholding our values that the academic and social needs of our students are paramount, underpinned by our motto “Be Strong and Persevere”.
Our students take on an adaptive unique learning approach merging technology with on-going assessments and individualized learning support from caring teachers and peers to optimize their learning performances throughout their education career. Academic rigor is important, as are building confidence, inspiring leaders, and developing personal resiliency both in academic and character as are reflected in our motto. 
Oakrich International School provides Primary, and Secondary school education which eventually leads on to IGCSE. We are proud to say that our students are well placed to attend universities throughout the world, including Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and the UK.

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Inside the Classroom

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At Oakrich, we customise students’ learning paths with technology support and on-going assessments to identify individual achievements and challenges. We provide engaging and interactive lessons which propels students to think critically, collaboratively, and creatively. This ultimately increases academic performances, promotes active and meaningful learning opportunities.


Students have the opportunity to access our virtual curriculum anytime and anywhere. By reviewing the student centric lessons repeatedly, it ensures equity in the classroom and no student is left behind. We provide optimal learning outcomes with rich multimedia, live streaming classes and various teaching videos that are packed with engaging and dynamic lessons.


We uniquely use Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STREAM) as an entry point to steer students towards critical thinking. STREAM education challenges students to think and do beyond the ordinary to surpass limitations. This approach also equips students with relevant skills such as critical thinking, collaborative group work, digital literacy and problem solving, to allow them to emerge as competent individuals for the 21st Century.


We focus on preparing our students for the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE.) It is an internationally validated curriculum that develops students’ inquiry, thinking and problem-solving skills to prepare them to further their tertiary education and careers.


We develop students’ level of higher-order thinking skills that propels them for cutting-edge leadership strategies, practices and tools. This leadership programme enables them to create value, become employable and marketable individuals. Emerging Leaders also incorporates a Social-Emotional Learning and Leadership (SELL) programme that trains students, while enhancing their ability in school and community.

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